We’re a leading organization with a great mix of talent spread across different areas of expertise who believe in continuous innovation in a great work culture. Our campuses based around cities in East and southern Africa offer host a rich culture and values that makes us a great team.

We're growing and constantly looking for new talent to join our team. Explore our open positions below and apply for your next exciting role.

Our Recruitment

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01 Shortlisting of the candidates
Shortlisting of the candidates

Handled by the hiring manager

02 Screening of the candidate
Screening of the candidate

Conducted by HR, and notes shared with the hiring manager

03 1st interview
1st interview

The candidate meets both HR and the hiring manager (virtually or physically)

04 Psychometric & assignement
Psychometric & assignement

Guided by HR, notes shared with the hiring manager

05 Final interview
Final interview

The candidate meets the hiring manager, HR, and the C-level involved

06 Offer

Letter sent to the candidate by the hiring manager

07 Onboarding

Successful candidate who joins the company is guided by the hiring manager

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