Internet Exchange Point (IXP) provider Asteroid sets up in second iColo facility in Kenya

» Asteroid and iColo have been together since 2018, and Asteroid operates its Mombasa internet exchange point at iColo MBA1 since early 2020. 


» Asteroid will operate a second city in Kenya, Nairobi, and has chosen to deploy one of its Nairobi IXP points of presence at iColo’s NBO1.


Nairobi, Kenya – 6/07/2021 – Specialized in deploying and managing cost-effective, local, reliable internet exchange points, Asteroid expands its services to roll out an internet exchange point in Nairobi, scheduled to be operational early Q3 2021.  


An internet exchange point is a local access point where networks, including internet services providers and content providers, interconnect in order to exchange their traffic at  better costs and in a more resilient and rapid way. Exchanging Internet traffic locally not only decreases the need for and dependency on IP transit, but it also trickles down on improving the Internet experience of the local businesses and end users. 


“iColo is currently the only carrier-neutral facility provider present in both Mombasa and Nairobi. We’re pleased to reinforce our collaboration by launching our new IXP in their data centre in Nairobi (NBO1) which will add up to the diversity of peers spanning from service providers to financial services institutions to enterprises” explains Remco van Mook, CEO at Asteroid. Launched in August 2017, iColo NBO1 houses a total capacity of 280 racks while accommodating 825 KW of IT power. Any NBO1 tenant owning their own autonomous system number (ASN) will be able to exchange traffic via the Asteroid Nairobi IXP by requesting and using 1Gbps, 10Gbps or 100Gbps ports. 


“Internet exchange points are a key brick in the wall of flourishing communities. The improved interconnectivity they bring enables businesses to provide their own services in a more efficient and performing manner. We have seen first-hand the positive impact that the Asteroid IXP has made in consolidating a community and building local traffic in Mombasa and we look forward to the same effects in Nairobi.” adds Ranjith Cherickel, CEO at iColo.


To be part of the Asteroid Nairobi peering community right from the start, please connect to Asteroid via email at info@asteroidhq.com


To be part of the Asteroid Nairobi peering community, please connect to Asteroid via email at info@asteroidhq.com

About Asteroid   

Asteroid is a global interconnection platform innovator. They operate neutral Internet exchange points (IXPs) worldwide, and work with trusted parties in local markets to deliver their innovative IXP platform locally, wherever there is a need. The Asteroid IXP model is a return to the original spirit of simple, efficient interconnection but built on state-of-the-art technology, lightweight and scalable architecture, and advanced toolsets.  

Asteroid IXPs provide a simple, modern and cost-effective way to peer with some of the largest networks in the world. With its nimble, yet powerful design, the Asteroid platform sets a new standard for IXPs. 


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About iColo 

iColo designs, builds and operates state of the art carrier neutral data centers to serve a broad spectrum of clients – telecom carriers, ISPs and peering points, IT and cloud providers, content providers, enterprise and financial services customers. These Data Centers are highly connected hubs and provide co-location services including power, security, redundancy, space, and precision cooling to its customers.

iColo.io is part of Digital Realty (DLR) with over 275+ data centers in 24 countries across 6 continents. To learn more about iColo.io, please visit https://www.icolo.io/ or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. 


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