Contributing Positively to Kenya’s Renewable Energy Grid with Solar

Data Centers across the world are energy intensive infrastructure projects and tapping into clean renewable energy has become a key strategy point when building them. In Africa, one of our greatest natural resources is the Sun and the focus for renewable energy has accelerated with Kenya leading in the energy transition efforts.


With Kenya’s energy grid being more than 75% renewable, one of the most renewable grids in the World, iColo has been at the forefront to contributing positively to a sustainable data center industry with the implementation of Solar Energy systems at the Nairobi – NBO1 and Mombasa – MBA1 Data Centers. This is part of the company’s sustainable Green Energy goals being implemented across all its campuses in Nairobi and Mombasa. This installation is a strategic part of the global vision to reduce the harmful effects of global warming and conserve the environment. The Hybrid Solar System installations are equivalent to planting back 100 trees per week while reducing the data center’s 3,200 Kgs of CO2 emissions per week.


Built by Tropical Power, the 200kW Solar Systems each at NBO1 and MBA1 will support part of the power needs of the Data Centres which can deliver 825kW and 675kW of customer power (IT Load) respectively. This will help to manage the energy costs and minimize the data centers carbon footprint.


Power is the lifeline for data centers to operate smoothly, given that the prices of grid power are rising, it is time to relook at renewable energy sources as an additional option for data centers to reduce the greenhouse effect and carbon footprint.